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Let me ask you something – what’s the one thing that predicts a person’s overall success and happiness in life..?

Money… nope.

An attractive and rich partner… guess again!

Okay than it must be family…hmmmm not entirely

The one feature that sets a person up for success is ‘grit’. A person’s ability to overcome setbacks and embrace change.  It sounds simple, the world changes around us constantly and yet in my experience people often become ‘stuck’ at particular setbacks in their life.

This impacts on them. Their family. Their productivity and creativitity at work.  It impacts on their happiness – and lets me honest, life’s too short to be miserable.

An accomplished professional speaker, Jonty is available to speak at a variety of events

Ive delivered hundreds of keynotes and worked with small groups around a range of themes (check it out below).  Drawing from my personal story of adversity into action I demonstrate how apparent setbacks can be our most transformational moments.

I weave personal stories with cutting-edge research into neuro-resilience, aiming to both educate and inspire audiences.

My aim is to draw fascinating parallels between the hardships Ive experienced with everyday dilemmas. Whether your audience has experienced financial hardship, divorce, ageing or simply struggling to respond to change.

I’m booked for themes of:

  • Powerful decision-making
  • Living purposefully, not succumbing to ‘victim-hood’
  • Personal resilience, strength and overcoming adversity
  • Embracing change as a catalyst for personal and professional growth
  • Leadership and community mobilisation
  • Law reform, advocacy and social entrepreneurship
  • Violence in Australia and violence-prevention

I travel from Brisbane and Im always happy to speak in person to organisers about how I can help make your event memorable.  Simply enquire below:

Alternatively you can contact Saxton Speakers Bureau if you’d rather deal firsthand with a bureau.